I wrote a PHP script to deploy data to live-cdn and included a "deploy" button on the dashboard. the script returns ?success=true, and i need to show div element with "Congratulations"

i tried this with no success:

{% if app.request.query.get('success') %}
    Glückwunsch! Deployment läuft.
{% endif %}

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{% if craft.request.getQueryString('success') %}



Actually, reading from the Craft 2 docs it's:

craft.request.getQueryString()      // returns the whole query string
craft.request.getQuery('success')   // returns only the value of 'success'
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    Thank you, Antoine, that was helpful. And in Craft 3 it seems to now be craft.app.request.getQueryParam() otherwise a deprecation error.
    – kr37
    Jan 20, 2019 at 6:12
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    @kr37 Cool! I suggest you turn your comment into a standalone answer, that would be helpful for Craft 3 users. I updated my answer to indicate that it applies to Craft 2.
    – antoine
    Jan 22, 2019 at 2:19

As @kr37 pointed out in the comments to another answer, the method for Craft 3, and now 4, is craft.app.request.getQueryParam()

{# get $_GET['foo'], if it exists #}
{% set foo = craft.app.request.getQueryParam('foo') %}

{# get $_GET['foo']['bar'], if it exists #}
{% set bar = craft.app.request.getQueryParam('foo.bar') %}

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