we have a little problem with craft after updating to the new version. the entry-overview (foo.com/craft-admin/entries/) seems to load much slower than before when I click an entry (up to 10 seconds) problem part 2: we just created about 100 sections, which makes the system complete unusable, as we run into timeouts by clicking certain entries. any idea how to deal with this?


okay, guess I got it. as soon as I kick the Preparse Field-plugin, everything works smooth. but i guess it's not the plugin that causes the trouble, it's the way craft is writing its logs for deprecated code?

another solution: RTFM.. in Preparse Field-plugin: activate "Disable all Preparse field columns on all element indices".

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    Yeah, update the preparse plugin to get rid of the deprecated messages, and disable the element indices thing, that will slow things down if you have alot of entries. Mar 30 '16 at 13:25

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