I want to strip every headline tag from all Rich Text fields site-wide.

So I thought about adding a replace filter.

But since this will be site wide I wanted to write the replace rules in a variable:

{% set replaceHeadline = '"<h1>" : "<p>", "</h1>" : "</p>"' %}
{{ entry.richText | replace({replaceHeadline}) | raw }}

This produces the error:

A hash key must be followed by a colon (:). Unexpected token "punctuation" of value "}" ("punctuation" expected with value ":").

Is this not possible? Is concatenation with ~ somehow the way to go?

Is there a more sane approach to stripping all headline tags from Rich Text fields?


You'd have to store the complete array into the variable

{% set replaceHeadline = {'<h1>': '<p>', '</h1>': '</p>'} %}
{{ entry.richText|replace(replaceHeadline)|raw }}

But instead of storing that variable I'd probably just create a macro for that snippet.


{% macro formatRichText(string) %}
    {{- string|replace({
        '<h1>': '<p>',
        '</h1>': '</p>'
    })|raw }}
{% endmacro %}


{% import '_includes/macros' as macros %}

You can now use that helper macro everywhere in your templates

{{ macros.formatRichText(entry.richText) }}

Another recommendation, have a look at the RetconHTML plugin, a nice little plugin to manipulate HTML with Twig.

{{ string|retconChange('h1', 'p') }}

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