I'm merging entries from two separate sections across locales. All going well but when I try to paginate the results I get the following error:

Recoverable error

Argument 1 passed to Craft\TemplateHelper::paginateCriteria() must be an instance of Craft\ElementCriteriaModel, array given,

The offending code as follows (simplified):

{% set pages = [] %}
{% set devNews = craft.entries.section('newsDevelopment').status(null).find() %}
{% set alumniNews = craft.entries.section('newsAlumni').status(null).locale('prior_alum').search('shareNewsAlumni:1').localeEnabled(false).find() %}
{% set pages = pages|merge(alumniNews) %}

{% paginate news as pages %}
    {% for article in news %}
    {% endfor %}
{% endpaginate %}

As I say, works fine/as expected without the paginate but as soon as I try to paginate I get the error.

Any thoughts on above appreciated.

  • {% paginate news as entries %} is a typo an you meant pages, right? – carlcs Mar 24 '16 at 15:57

The paginate tag requires a criteria model, which means you have to come up with your own pagination solution.

See an example here:
Paginate entries when I do not have a criteria model?

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