I have a front-end form that posts through the ID of a particular element/entry to a back-end controller. Is there any way to encrypt/hash that ID on the front-end, so the plain ID number is not visible, and then decrypt that ID in the back-end controller?

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<input type="hidden" name="foo" value="{{ 'bar'|hash }}">

and then in your controller:

if (($foo = craft()->request->getPost('foo')) !== null)
    $foo = craft()->security->validateData($foo);

at which point $foo will either be null (not present), false (present but tampered with), or a string (present and valid)


I've used hashids successfully before, then create a small plugin helper with a twig filter that transforms the id into a hash that also decrypts it. you can include composer to craft plugins by just updating your composer file and adding hashids to it.

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