Does anyone know if you can work with releatedTo between categories? I’d like to get all the categories in a categories.groups that are related to a single category

I have some entries in a channel, lets call it parts. The parts have two categories from two separate groups.

  • Group 1 is partType which has the categories engine interior and transmission
  • Group 2 is manufacturer which has the categories ford and chrysler.

On the category-page for ford, i’d like to list all the parts in the ford category, grouped by partType

But I don’t wand to show the partType categories that have no parts by the current manufacturer

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I figured it out!

If anyone is stuck at the same place here’s my solution:

{# category is 'ford' #}
{% set entries = craft.entries.section('support').relatedTo(category).find() %}
{% set partsCategories = craft.categories.group('partsGroup').relatedTo(entries) %}

{# Partslist #}
{% for partsCategory in partsCategories %}

    {% for part in craft.entries.relatedTo([
      { targetElement: partsCategory },
      { targetElement: category }
    ]) %}


    {% endfor %}
{% endfor %}

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