Is there a MSSQL support for Craft CMS? Or any plugin that can help to connect to a MSSQL database?

Thank you!


Assuming you're running Craft CMS 3, the Connect plugin will let you connect to MSSQL databases (local or remote)

You'll just need to do:

composer require yiisoft/yii2-mssql

...on your Craft CMS project. To be clear, this doesn't add support for MSSQL to Craft itself, it just lets you query MSSQL databases in your Twig templates.


Craft 3 supports MySQL 5.5+ and PostgreSQL 9.5+.

Craft 2 only supports MySQL 5.1+.

Yii (the framework Craft runs on) uses PDO for its database abstraction layer, which supports many databases, so technically it wouldn't be much work but it's more of a matter of the demand for it and "are we ready to support other databases".

Logically MSSQL would probably be next on the list, but there's not timeline/ETA for it.

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