I'm using Sprout Forms to handle email forms on a website. Hardcoding a template with the code: {{ craft.sproutForms.displayForm('contactForm') }} works fine like in the docs.

But I have a Matrix field to build the page content so I'd like to add a new field type to that I can select which form to display. There is a Matrix field type 'sprout forms' which lets me select the form fine in the CMS.

My question is how do I now display the form in the template. I can't see any documentation on how to do this?

I've tried things like {{ block.customForm.displayForm() }} but with no luck.

Has anyone tried this before? Thanks.

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Sure, you'll likely want to use:

{% for block in entry.pageBody %}
    {% if block.type == 'form' %}
        {{ craft.sproutForms.displayForm(block.form.first.handle) }}
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}
  • Perfect. This worked. In my case I used: {{ craft.sproutForms.displayForm(block.customForm.first.handle) }} customForm being the name of the field in matrix. Many thanks
    – Garth
    Commented Mar 8, 2016 at 13:11

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