I'm attempting to create email notifications with attachments when using Sprout Forms and S3 assets.

Given Sprout Forms 2.1.5 & Craft Pro 2.5.2760

And a form with an Asset field

And default upload location in an S3 bucket Default upload location in an S3 bucket

And enable notifications set to true Enable notifications set to true

And enable file attachments set to true

When a user submits a form, no email is sent and the following error is logged in sproutforms.log

Craft\S3AssetSourceType and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "getBasePath".

Looking into the docs, S3AssetSourceType does NOT have a method named getBasePath, but localAssetSourceType does.

My question is, does sproutforms support notification emails with attachments when using S3?


Sprout Forms v2.3.0 added support for S3 Asset uploads and file attachments.


OUTDATED: As of this post, Sprout Forms does not yet support email attachments using S3.

As a workaround, it is possible to override the email.html notification template using Template Overrides and link to or display S3 assets in the way you would provide a link to any asset:

{{ asset.getUrl() }}

Currently Sprout Forms does not support email attachments when using S3 assets.

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