We are using the Craft's currency filter to display localised prices 344552.32 | currency('GBP') which works great in most instances.

However the currency symbol for UK Sterling in the French locale file is £UK and the translation company we are working with are saying that we just need to output £.

This is defined in the currencySymbols array of craft/app/framework/i18n/data.fr.php.

Is there a way we can affect that at a configuration level or at runtime? If not I guess we would have to create our own filter function that wraps the core functionality and does a string replace on the output.

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A further requirement came up to change the Italian output (symbol moved to after the price rather than before) so I opted for a simple Twig extension:

 * Wrapper for Craft's NumberFormatter->formatCurrency
 * Changes formats for French and Italian display
 * @param        $value
 * @param string $currency
 * @return string
public function currencyDisplay ($value, $currency = 'GBP')
    $value = craft()->numberFormatter->formatCurrency($value, $currency);
    $localeId = craft()->locale->id;

    if ($localeId == 'fr')
        $value = str_replace('£UK', '£', $value); // remove UK
    else if ($localeId == 'it')
        $value = str_replace('£ ', '', $value) . ' £'; // relocate sterling symbol

    return $value;

I don't think you can override that, but I'm not 100% sure. But, there's always the option to run the replacefilter on the output from currency:

{{ 344552.32 | currency('GBP') | replace('£UK', '£') }}

A plugin like you mention is an option, but you should be able to use static translations for this, too. Only downside is that it would replace all instances of £UK with £, which may or may not be a problem.

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