Just wondering: Is there a equivalent for this piece of code written in EE:

{if logged_in}
    <div id=“admin”>
        Page render time: {elapsed_time} sec | 
        Queries: {total_queries} | 
        Gzip: {gzip_mode}  | 
        EE version: {app_version} build {app_build}

Source: http://www.blue-dreamer.co.uk/blog/entry/expressionengine-measuring-performance-during-development


Not exactly. But if you're looking for stats, devMode does some query profiling right in the console:

Query Profiling

I'm not sure if you're looking for a 1-1 correlation but you can obtain whether or not the server supports gzip with the Server variable HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING (kind of useless IMO). Craft also will display its version number at the bottom of the CP when you're logged in, so I don't really see value there either but you can get it via your templates (see below).

If you need more than that, you could always make a simple plugin (I like to start with Lindsey D's Business Logic boilerplate variable class) and then just grab the data you need.

To only display the data to admins when they're logged in, you can do so like:

{% if currentUser and currentUser.admin %}
  Craft {{ craft.app.getEditionName()}} {{ craft.app.getVersion() }}.{{ craft.app.getBuild() }}
    ... do other stuff
{% endif %}

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