I have a rich text field with a handle of myTextField that I have included in a global set called firstGlobalSet.

What If I created another global set called secondGlobalSet and included the same field myTextField.

How could I get the correct field from the correct global set based on url segment?

For example, mysite.com/first or mysite.com/second


You will need to access a few things.

  • The url segment you need (for example the last segment)
  • The global set name
  • The field handle name

You can use getLastSegment to access the last url segment.

Using the global set names above let's say I have a url like this:


{% set segment = craft.request.getLastSegment() %}  // first

I know I've got a global set called firstGlobalSet, and now I've got first. We just need to put them together. You can use Craft's getSetByHandle method to access the global set via its handle.

{% set global = craft.globals.getSetByHandle(segment ~ 'GlobalSet') %}
{{ global }} // firstGlobalSet

Now that we've got the correct global set, we can get to the field we need. In this case it's myTextField.

{{ global.myTextField }}

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