There are easier ways to do this for sure, but...

I have the Mailchimp Subscribe plugin installed to build our email list etc... and it works perfectly!

However, we are now building a "Coming Soon" page with the site turned off to the public while we build out the site.

Is it possible to accept a certain action while the system is offline so that the POST request is accepted and doesnt return a 503 error?

Again, this is possible through using just a Mailchimp form itself but I'm interested to see if this sort of thing is possible if I ever needed this sort of control in the future.


Completely untested, but something like this in your craft/config/general.php file should work:

return array(
   'isSystemOn' => (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && !$_REQUEST['action'] != 'mailchimpSubscribe/list/Subscribe'),
  • Thanks! I got it to work with the following. 'isSystemOn' => (isset($_REQUEST['action']) && !$_REQUEST['action'] != 'mailchimpSubscribe/list/Subscribe'), – Seán O'Grady Feb 16 '16 at 21:53

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