Using Twig, is it possible to strip out or replace a non-breaking space ( )?

I've got a string variable price (returned from the currency filter) that prints like this:

Nkr 100,00

What I'd like, is to strip the Nkr  part, so the string looks like this:


However, {{ price|replace('Nkr ', '') }} does nothing, as the replace filter doesn't appear to actually match the non-breaking space.

{{ price|replace({'Nkr' : ''}) }} strips out the Nkr part, but leaves the  ; and I'm unable to remove it.

Here's what I tried already (after stripping the Nkr part):

{{ price|replace({' ' : ''}) }}
{{ price|raw|replace({' ' : ''}) }}
{{ price|striptags }}
{{ price|raw|striptags }}
{{ price|trim }}
{{ price|raw|trim }}
{{ price|replace({ '\u00a0' : '' }) }}
{{- price -}} 
{% spaceless %}{{ price }}{% endspaceless %}

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You just think it is   that get's returned from the filter, because that's how your developer tools display it, but in fact it is a UTF-8 encoded non-breaking space character. Have a look at the source code that is output and you won't see the  .

The filter gets the formatting pattern from the app/framework/i18n/data/no.php file. Everything in this file is UTF-8 encoded and the non-breaking space is no exception.

So how can we remove it? Copy-and-pasting doesn't always work, because it depends on the apps used. On Mac OS X 10.11 I was able to simply copy the string from the source code view in the Safari dev tools to Atom editor and it worked. I can also generate the character with Alt+Space. Copying the snippet into this answer doesn't work though, it somehow converts it to a normal space:

{{ price|replace('Nkr ') }}

Important sidenote:

Mac OS X users who are like me and sometimes accidentially enter a non-breaking space character into their source code and then go mad trying to fix the error, have a look at this Apple Stack Exchange post: What's alt+spacebar character and how to disable it?

Atom editor users can install the highlight-nbsp package.


Here's a different spin... Try removing everything that's not numeric or comma.

{{ price|replace('/[^0-9,]/', '') }}
  • Ah, that's clever – works like a charm in this specific instance, thanks! However I'd still like to know how to strip out the   in cases where a greedy regex like that wouldn't work (i.e. when I don't have a numeric string to deal with...) Feb 16, 2016 at 1:06

To add space between two words use below code:

{{ price|replace({" ": " "})|raw  |nl2br }}

This will work.


If you need to trim a non-breaking space which is the UTF-8 encoded non-breaking space character:

{{ value|trim(" \t\n\r\0\x0B\xC2\xA0") }}

This works because internally Twig uses the PHP trim, ltrim, and rtrim functions.

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