I have a plugin with the structure something like:

 - PluginVariable.php
 - PluginAnotherVariable.php

Inside PluginVariable.php I have something like:

namespace Craft;

class PluginVariable
   public function foo($parameter)
       $result = craft()->plugin_results->get($parameter);
        return new PluginAnotherVariable($result);

Now when I do {{ craft.plugin.foo('something') }} I just get Fatal error: Class 'Craft\PluginAnotherVariable' not found.

I've checked that the filenames and classnames are identical and the namespacing etc so the class most certainly exists but I can't get this to work, has anyone had a similar issue with this and what could be causing it? Thanks.

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So I just needed to put an underscore between the plugin handle and variable name so PluginAnotherVariable.php becomes Plugin_AnotherVariable.php and the classname Plugin_AnotherVariable and things are now working :)

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