I have my slug saving to the element_i18n table but it's not unique. When saving a non-unique slug using the default Craft entries, the slug gets appended with "-1".

How can I extend the default functionality for a slug?

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Brad, I realize my initial question is a bit vague, oops! I did however find a solution to why my localized slugs for my plugin element weren't being saved as a unique string.

I traced through ElementHelper::setUniqueUri() and figured out I was missing the getUrlFormat() function. Also to make sure I include {slug} in my urlFormat string in this particular case.


A bit hard to tell what you're trying to do from the description and without seeing some code examples, but internally Craft uses ElementHelper::setValidSlug() and ElementHelper::setUniqueUri() to perform those tasks.

Whether you need to use them directly or call a Craft method that uses them is hard to say without more context.

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