I have just one page on my site with only one language:

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Every other page has two languages.

I want to disable certain things on that page (like language switchers). How do I determine this?

This just returns all avalable languages no matter what languages are activated:

{% set otherLocales = craft.i18n.getSiteLocaleIds() %}
  {% for locale in otherLocales %}
    {{ locale }}
  {% endfor %}

I tried to do it with status:

{% set otherLocales = craft.i18n.getSiteLocaleIds().status('live') %}

but that returns an error as well. I tried status because it's labeled that way in the cp.

This returns the opposite language although the other locale doesn't exist on this page.

{% set otherLocales = craft.i18n.getSiteLocaleIds()|without(craft.locale) %}
{% for locale in otherLocales %}
  {{ locale }}
{% endfor %}

Any other ideas?


You can query for the same entry in another locale by explicitly setting the locale parameter.

{% set de = craft.entries.id(entry.id).locale('de').first() %}
{% set en = craft.entries.id(entry.id).locale('en').first() %}

German:  {{ de ? 'OK' : 'nope' }}
English: {{ en ? 'OK' : 'nope' }}

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