I am able to set a plain old cookie like this:

$cookie = new HttpCookie('myCookie', 'myValue');

I am trying to delete it like this:

$cookie = new HttpCookie('myCookie', '');
craft()->request->getCookies()->add($cookie->name, $cookie);

When I make a call to check the cookie, I get this returned:


I can see that the value is getting cleared, but is there any way to just totally wipe out the cooke?


Try deleteCookie() in HttpRequestService?

  • Thanks khalwat, that pointed me in the right direction. I've also updated my other question that is related to this for anyone who comes across this question. – Damon Feb 4 '16 at 20:43

I wasn't able to find an answer for removing a cookie in Craft 3 so after plenty of time of trying to figuring it out, this is my conclusion.

First of all, I am setting the cookie using the following method.

$cookie = new Cookie(['name' => 'cookieName']);
$cookie->value = $data['accessToken'];
$cookie->expire = $data['expires'];

I kept running into a problem with the Cookies being set are read-only so in order to remove the cookie need to use response to change and remove cookies.


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