Using Element API I would like to remove the limit to how many entries are in the JSON output.

The default is 100 entries, with pagination. I would like 1 response with all entries.

Here is my current call:

return [
'endpoints' => [
    'fullmembers.json' => [
        'elementType' => 'User',
        'criteria' => ['group' => 'fullMembership'],
        'transformer' => function(UserModel $member) {

Thanks in advance guys!


You have to set the criteria model's limit parameter to null and disable pagination.

'criteria' => [
    'group' => 'fullMembership',
    'limit' => null,
'paginate' => false,
  • Thanks Carlcs, but that still results in this: {"pagination":{"total":409,"count":100,"per_page":100,"current_page":1,"total_pages":5,"links":{"next":"http:\/\/craft.fira\/fullmembers.json?page=2"}}}} – Adam Menczykowski Jan 29 '16 at 11:48
  • Oh, you have to disable pagination. Will update the answer. – carlcs Jan 29 '16 at 11:50

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