Is it possible to use different types of cache in Craft? Yii made a point how different caches are better for different reasons:

Tip: You may use different cache storage in the same application. A common strategy is to use memory-based cache storage to store data that is small but constantly used (e.g. statistical data), and use file-based or database-based cache storage to store data that is big and less frequently used (e.g. page content).

There are some pages that need a decent sized portion of content cached, but other areas in plugins that cache small bits of data. It would be nice if I could declare template cache to be "X" cache type, but use other cache types such as Redis in other areas.

Is it possible at all to do this through Craft?

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Is it possible at all to do this through Craft?

Probably, but it kind of depends on what level of caching we're talking about and your specific use-case.

There's an overview of the different caching options available in Craft and what they mean here.

  • Superb write up! Bookmarked for checking up on in the future; I did not know that template {% cache %} tags always stored cache in the database, and that specifying cache type in general.php was separate and for plugin-use exclusively. By default it is doing what I wanted, then. Great links, Cold Cache looks awesome. So many easter eggs here. Craft CMS (& the support here) has made web development "fun" in a way it's never been for me before. Thanks, Brad!
    – taylor
    Jan 26, 2016 at 6:13
  • Glad to hear. :) Moved the answer over to its own question. Caching is complicated and questions around it get asked often enough that there should be a "definitive" place to point people to.
    – Brad Bell
    Jan 26, 2016 at 6:26

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