Is there a way to configure Craft further beyond just settings like 'cacheMethod' => 'redis',? I'm exploring the possibility of using Redis outside of the server Craft CMS is running on, and am curious if there is a way I can set this up while still using the built-in craft()->cache service.

I'd love to be able to utilize a remote cache option and configure it in the same way that cache has a db.phpconfig file where you can set your database as local or remote.

Is there any information about doing this out there and/or plans to support this eventually? Just curious.. thank you!

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You can configure the Redis cache driver to use an external host, see the config page for the documentation and here for details on copying the default Redis config file and configuring it.

Long story short... Copy craft/app/etc/config/defaults/rediscache.php to your craft/config/ folder and configure the settings as you wish.


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