I used to be able to resize and select align attributes for images in Rich Text and now that feature is completely gone since my last update. Do I need to change settings or has that feature actually been removed?

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Actually, image resizing and alignment is still available in Redactor II
(at least it is by now, might have been different a year ago)

It seems that in Reactor II both of those have to be enabled explicitly in the config. See Redactor docs

In Craft CMS you can modify the config in craft/config/redactor. Or create a new file and select it in the Control Panel. More details

My Standard.json looks something like this:

    "buttons": [...],
    "plugins": [...],
    "imageResizable": true,
    "imagePosition": true

Alot of features were removed from Redactor II which Craft 2.5 upgraded to. Good thing is, you can revert back to using Redactor I, by installing this plugin from Pixel & Tonic.


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