I set up an matrix field and put it into section type.

If I am trying to create new entry a kind of broken 'Create a new entry' CP is shown up. Only title 'Create a new entry' and an broken 'save' button. Also rest of header seems not to rendered nice. Horizontal scrollbars appear.

If I change same field to other type, all works as expected. It really only happens if I am using matrix field.

All happens on fresh setup: No plugins installed. (Just this one task tried and failed). Mac, Mamp Pro. Craft (version 2.5.2757)

Console in Browser says nothing.

What I tried: + Fresh installation with user permissions for all craft folders read&write. + PHP memory config on 128mb. (Mamp Pro).

UPDATE: SOLVED It had something to do with php error settings in Mamp Pro. Once disabled, all is working, also with Matrix.


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Solution: Do it as in craft instructions asked 'PHP 5.3.0 or later with safe mode disabled' and all works perfect like a charm.

This problem came from settings in Mamp Pro. The debugger was active. And all other 'what to log' too. After uncheck - no problem any more.


Same issue here -- could be a PHP one. I solved it by increasing the max_nesting_level to something like 200. Add/edit the following line in your php.ini:

xdebug.max_nesting_level = 200

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