My map isn't showing all of the markers that it should. I am querying a user group to return the locations as follows:

{% set locations = craft.users.group('fullMembership') %} {{ craft.smartMap.map(locations, options) }}  

FYI There are around 400 users in this group and only a small amount of them have logged in and set their Map Pin.

Each user in this group has a profile page; Those user who have located their address all show their map pin on their profile. However the members Directory index map is incomplete, some pins are missing.

  • It seems that any new users that I update with their lat / lng aren't added to the directory map. Commented Jan 5, 2016 at 17:10

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As Craft defaults to only returning 100 elements, setting the limit(null) parameter to the query fixed this issue.

{% set locations = craft.users.group('fullMembership').limit(null) %}

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