I'm trying to display the postDate of Sprout Forms entries. The docs state that you can use standard Craft CMS tags. I tried:

{% for formEntry in craft.sproutForms.entries.formHandle('contact').order(asc) %}
   {{ formEntry.postDate|date('d F Y') }}
{% endfor %}

And all kind of variations but the system states no method or closure with the name "postDate". All other fields output fine.

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Found the answer in the database. Apparently Sprout Forms uses the date field named "dateCreated". Also getting it in order by date (newest first) needs 'dateCreated desc'

{% for formEntry in craft.sproutForms.entries.formHandle('contact').order('dateCreated desc') %}
   {{ formEntry.dateCreated|date('d F Y') }}
{% endfor %}
  • Using dateCreated is the recommended way. postDate is an attribute specific to the Entry Element Type. Commented Dec 31, 2015 at 17:35

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