Can someone point me to where in the DB you set a field as required? I am actually wanting to do this on a Sprout Forms field I am not sure if that makes a difference or not. I can't find which table you would do that in.


In Craft, fields can be shared across field layouts and there's no way to set a field as required across the board. A field can only be declared as "required" in the context of a field layout.

Usually this is easily done by clicking the cogwheel next to a field inside a tab in the field layout designer, and selecting "Make required". Sprout Forms uses the standard field layout designer, so you'll have this option here as well – though I'm guessing you have a specific reason for wanting to do it in the database.

In order to set a field (in a field layout) as required, first you'll need to know the field's ID. This is easily found by looking at the craft_fields table.

Next, you'll need to know the ID for the field layout you want to modify. In this case, you want the layout used by a specific Sprout Form, so the easiest way is to look at the fieldLayoutId column in the craft_sproutforms_forms table. For entries, you have to look at the craft_entrytypes table, for categories, you'll have to look at the craft_categorygroups table, etc).

Finally, you'll need to identify the field in the craft_fieldlayoutfields table, by looking at the layoutId and the fieldId columns. Set the required column for the appropriate row to 1, and you're done.

  • Hi Mats, thank you for your detailed response. The only reason I am needing to do this is because there seems to be a JS bug that prevents me from setting the field to required. So this is just a temp fix so that I can carry on testing until the main bug is fixed. – Gareth Jan 2 '16 at 7:45

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