When exactly are migrations run? I wrote a migration that runs and does its job properly if I run it via the command line: yiic migrate up Seomatic but despite the version number and schema number being bumped, Craft doesn’t run the migration automatically`

Instead, my code dies because of a column that doesn’t exist in the db. Shouldn't the migration be found and run before my plugin's code is?

Here's the version numbers returned by my plugin:

public function getVersion()
    return '1.0.5';

public function getSchemaVersion()
    return '1.0.1';

The previous installed version was '1.0.4' and '1.0.0', respectively. Shouldn't this be enough for Craft to find and run the migration?

The migration is named:


...with a class of the same name, and again, it's found and runs properly if manually run it via yiic -- what am I missing?

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Actually, everything was working fine with the migration. The issue was that I had code inside of a Twig extension and inside of a rendering hook that was being executed before the migration tried to take place.

I wrapped it in if (!craft()->request->isCpRequest()) to only do its thing when it's a non-CP request (which is how it probably should have been anyway), and all is well.

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