I need to list out the image options from a specific assets folder for users to select from. Previously, I accomplished that like this:

{% set folder_id = 5 %}

{% for image in craft.assets.kind('image').folderId(folder_id).order('filename') %}

    {# do stuff, like print image.filename #}

{% endfor %}

And to get the folder ID pre-2.5, I could inspect the folders menu when viewing assets in CP. Now, that appears to be gone in Craft 2.5+ and struggling to find the ID. I'm assuming there must be a way to view the folderId as Craft has a folderId() filter for craft.assets.

Does anyone know?


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You can always check the craft_assetfolders table in the database, find the folder name you're looking for and grab its id.

And it's probably just a typo in your original code, you're setting the folder ID to a variable named folder_id, but you're passing id into .folderId(id).

  • Yeah, typo, sorry! Was just typing out an example and not really focused on it. Just looked through the craft_assetfolders table and found them. Thanks!
    – taylor
    Dec 11, 2015 at 0:57

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