I have set up the plugin's multi-environment configuration as outlined in this answer.

The config.php file for the plugin is as follows:


return array(
    // All
    '*' => array(

    // Development
    '.domain.dev' => array(
        'apiKey' => 'APIKEYDEVVALUE'

    // Staging
    'dev.domain.com' => array(
        'apiKey' => 'APIKEYSTAGINGVALUE'

    // Production
    'dev.domain.com' => array(
        'apiKey' => 'APIKEYPRODVALUE'

But calling craft()->config->get('apiKey', 'pluginhandle') returns null.

If I var_dump(craft()->config) I can see that the config file for the plugin is loaded by craft.

What am I missing? Please let me know if I can provide any more useful info.

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The issue is that you're putting the multi-environment config code in your plugins/pluginHandle/config.php file, which is just meant to supply default plugin config values.

Users can set custom values in craft/config/pluginHandle.php which is where the multi-environment logic would also go.

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