Is it possible to serve a file in a Twig template? I need to get a file (asset) from a global setting, and serve it at a particular URL.

This code is close, but it seems that source() is the wrong method to get the file contents with.

{% header "Content-type: application/pdf" %}
{% header "Content-Disposition: inline" %}

{% set filePath = [craft.config.environmentVariables.assetPath, filesImages.deliveryCalendar[0].filename]|join('') %}

{{ source( filePath ) }}

The variable filePath contains the correct system path to the file (/var/www/site.com/html/assets/file.pdf), but source() is clearly for templates and not files.

How can the contents of a file be streamed out to the browser?

  • For those interested: Brad's answer is very valid but I couldn't get controller actions to work. Instead I added a Twig extension modelled very closely after dbug(), then used the above template file with my custom extension {{ dlfile(cal.pdfFile[0].id) }} to dump the contents of the PDF. gist.github.com/emcniece/bcf3d902e5469613fb1c
    – emc
    Dec 1, 2015 at 5:56

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You'd need to make a simple Craft plugin that added a Twig filter/function that wrapped PHP's file_get_contents to grab the file contents, but at that point, you might as well just make it a wrapper for craft()->request->sendFile().


In March, I released a Digital Download plugin which makes this process extremely simple...

<a href="{{ craft.digitalDownload.url(asset) }}">{{ asset.title }}</a>

View the complete documentation to read more about how it works.

  • Thanks for contributing to the community! I definitely spent more than $30 worth of time trying to figure this out :D
    – emc
    Jul 17, 2016 at 16:36

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