I am trying to make dependency's work using Craft Cache (set to Redis.)

I've tried:

craft()->cache->set('cache_key', 'cache_value', 0, new CFileCacheDependency('dependent_cache_key'));

This stores the cache. However, when I then update the value for cache with the key name dependent_cache_key, cache_key does not invalidate.

Is CFileCacheDependency not the right way to attach dependency to a cache key? All the YII description says is "File Name."

Also, is it possible to declare directories for Craft Cache? I see YII also has a dependency method for directories CDirectoryCacheDependency, which would be optimal in my case, but I have no idea how to assign a directory for cache using craft()->cache->set() and craft->cache->get()

Any help would be incredibly appreciated. Been stumped crawling through yii docs to figure this out.


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