How would I access the available RedisCache class and it's properties/methods in PHP/plugins? (https://buildwithcraft.com/classreference/etc/cache/RedisCache)

I'm just starting to learn Redis and can't seem to find more information about how to start using the available class. I have set cacheMethod to redis, and created a rediscache.php file in craft/config/.

I want to explore connecting to db, inserting my own keys/values and retrieving data for my other plugins, but can't seem to find the right path path. I tried things like:

echo craft()->redisCache->hostname; 

But that returns CExeption errors. What am I missing?

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You put your Redis connection information in your craft/config/rediscache.php config file. You can see the default here, and your file will override any matching set keys.

From there you can use craft()->cache->set(), craft()->cache->get() and any other cache methods on Yii's CCache class.

  • I should've known...! Don't know what I'd do without you sometimes. Thanks, Brad!
    – taylor
    Nov 29, 2015 at 6:25

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