I'm setting up an FAQ page using a matrix. Each Matrix block contains a question and an answer field. Each Q+A needs to be outputted within a section on the same page such as General, Payments...

I've figured the best way to do this is using categories to assign the Q+As section, limiting each Q+A to one category. I'd then need to output all Q+As for each section with it's category as a header.

Desired Output:


<p>Question field output</p>
<p>Answer field output</p>

<p>Question field output</p>
<p>Answer field output</p>


<p>Question field output</p>
<p>Answer field output</p>


I'm fairly new to craft so perhaps I'm overcomplicating it by assigning it to a category, it seems like it's the easiest way to add new Q+As and for them to appear within the right section.

How would I go about outputting this? I've set up a Category Group called 'faqCategories'

Here's my matrix setup:

enter image description here


It's tempting to use the Matrix block for things that might actually be better as a a channel or a structure. I thing this might be the case here.

The way you've set it up is fine, relating each FAQ to a category is a good approach.

In any event, the plugin groupBy should help you:


Or you can look at this example:


  • Thanks. After your comment I'm now using a structure instead where each section (General, Payment..) is now an entry rather than a category, and then I have the matrix inside each entry to add as many Q+A as required. All gets outputted in my singles FAQ page. – sarah3585 Nov 22 '15 at 16:47
  • I just had another look at the groupBy plugin, but I can't figure out what it does in addition to Craft's group filter. @khalwat – carlcs Nov 23 '15 at 8:13

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