I have a basic model defined:

protected function defineAttributes()
    return array(
        'id'        => array(AttributeType::String, 'required' => true),
        'url'       => AttributeType::Url,
        'info'      => array(AttributeType::String, 'required' => true, 'maxLength' => 4000),
        'title'     => array(AttributeType::String, 'required' => true, 'maxLength' => 65, 'minLength' => 15),
        'message'   => AttributeType::String,

And when checking if the model is valid:

if (!$my_model->validate())
    return false;

Almost any string for 'url' is passing the validation, even without a '.com'

So if someone inputs sdfsdfsfsdfsdf in the input field, it'll pass as a valid URL and return as http://sdfsdfsfsdfsdf

I've also tried using AttributeType::UrlFormat but I run into the same problem. Am I not understanding what this attributetype does, or should it be validating that it's an actual URL string?

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Craft extends Yii's CUrlValidator to add support for protocol-less URLs as well as URLs without a TLD (such as your example of http://sdfsdfsfsdfsdf).

If you need other behaviors for your URL validation, you can always write a custom URL validator.

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