I have a plugin that uploads and associates files/assets to users and entries. I would like it to store these files under a user ID subfolder of the asset folder. I know how to do this within the controlpanel, working with assets there. But how would I create and register subfolders within my plugin? If I just create the folder with my php script, it doesnt show up in the assets folder until i do a "Update Asset Indexes".

The way my plugin works now, It creates an asset with the craft()->assets->insertFileByLocalPath, and then associates the fileId with my entry after its created/uploaded. Maybe this is not the right way to do it?

Any help much appreciated.

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I’ve had the problem with storeFolder() that it doesn’t create a folder that is accessible via the control panel or the file system.

I find createFolder() much easier to use and it did what I expected:

$response = craft()->assets->createFolder($parentFolderId, $folderName);
$folderId = $response->getResponseData()['folderId'];
  • This is the right way of doing things. This not only also calls the storeFolder method, but also checks for naming conflicts. Commented Nov 28, 2016 at 20:34

To answer my own question, I found the answer in the source code.

$newFolder = new AssetFolderModel(
                    'parentId' => $currentFolderid,
                    'name' => $folderName,
                    'sourceId' => $currentFolderid,
                    'path' => trim($folderName, '/').'/'
            $folderId = craft()->assets->storeFolder($newFolder);

Basically you can specify a parentId, witch is the ID of the parent folder.

  • This is not the correct answer. Calling storeFolder just creates a folder in the database, not on the actual Asset source. @medoingthings has posted a much better way. Commented Nov 28, 2016 at 20:32

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