I have a Controller Action which should pass on some data from one (CP) template to another:

  1. Template 1 (plugin/form): Form sends data
  2. Controller redirects data to Template 2
  3. Template 2 (plugin/): Shows data

I don't want to just load the template but redirect to plugin/ and show the data, any ideas?

public function actionTemplate()
    $data = 'Something';
    $this->redirect( 'plugin_handle' ); //Pass on $data to 'plugin/'

Edit 1:

Or is there a way to send a post-request to a "route" rather then an actionController?

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I would suggest either using query parameters in your redirect method, or storing it in session variables (which should be no different than regular PHP).

  • Hoped to avoid that, but thanks :)
    – Victor
    Jul 18, 2014 at 14:33

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