I've got a form creating an entry in a Bookings channel which contains two fields, an Entries field (eventBooking) and a Users field (userBooking).

I'm trying to get Sprout Email to send an email to the user selected in userBooking. Can anyone help me with the correct syntax please?

I've tried the following which don't seem to work:

{{ userBooking.first().email }} {{ object.userBooking.first().email }} {{ entry.userBooking.first().email }} { object.userBooking.first().email }


This should work:
{{ object.userBooking.first().email }}

I would check if the problem is with something else.

  • Yep, this worked - thanks Carl. I'd forgotten a completely different setting which was stopping it from working; this is the correct syntax. Sorry for the delay in reply, been away for 5 days! Nov 3 '15 at 14:07

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