I'm wanting to return HTML content via the ElementAPI. I seem to be able to do this with the following elements.php:

'endpoints' => [
    'api/trials.json' => [
        'elementType' => 'Entry',
        'criteria' => ['section' => 'trials'],
        'transformer' => function(EntryModel $entry) {
            return [
                'summary' => ($entry->summary ? $entry->summary->getRawContent() : false),

It's just that the getRawContent() returns the following in the JSON:

"summary": "<p><img src=\"{asset:46:url}\"…

When I'm expecting:

"summary": "<p><img src=\"/images/myimage.png"…

Should I be using a different method to get to the content, or do I need to run the content through some kind of transformation?

Thanks in advance,



Rather than calling getRawContent(), just explicitly cast your Rich Text field data into a string:

'summary' => ($entry->summary ? (string) $entry->summary : false),

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