I have been looking at the BaseElementFieldType.php file to try and understand how to use it for my own field type. How do I provide that field type with my own array of data to use? I believe it has to do with the sources,criteria, or elements but it is unclear to me.

  • Can you elaborate about what modal exactly are you talking about? Jul 17 '14 at 5:45
  • When using a the BaseElementFieldType it uses the elementSelect form elements. It is the input type assets uses or categories, or when selecting a relation. I am trying to incorporate that same input but using my own data to populate the modal window from which you can select content.
    – aran
    Jul 17 '14 at 6:19

Ah, in that case you'll need to make your own ElementType. You should probably check out https://github.com/pixelandtonic/Events - that's meant to be a simple ElementType to serve as an entry point while we get some documentation together.

Also, there are some videos to watch over here: http://buildwithcraft.com/docs/plugins/working-with-elements#creating-new-element-types


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