I am trying to reset the default path to the dashboard from admin to something else. I have this in config/general.php:

return array(
    'cpTrigger' => 'new-url',
    'omitScriptNameInUrls' => true,
    'devMode' => true,

But when I go to devsite.myurl.co.uk/new-url, I get a 404 error. I got this working locally but not since I installed the site on a staging server, and imported the database and changed the general and db files. Any ideas?

If I take out the cpTrigger line, and just use devsite.myurl.co.uk/admin, everything is fine.

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Have you got your htaccess file working ok? By default the htaccess file is named incorrectly, it should be .htaccess nothtaccess`. You can read about renaming that file in the installation docs.

As a quick test you could try: "/index.php/new-url"

If that works it's your htaccess file.

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