Is it me, or can we not search using partial words in Craft CMS? This seems to be the case in the backend when search entry titles or assets, but a client has recently pointed it out on the front-end as well.

For example, we've got an entry title containing the word 'Peruvian' but searching for 'Peru' returns no results, while searching for 'Peruvian' does return a result.

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That's because Craft doesn't do fuzzy searching by default. You'd need to use the wildcard 'Peru*' to match 'Peruvian'. You can see the full list of supported search syntaxes here: http://buildwithcraft.com/docs/searching

Related, you might want to vote for this feature request: http://feedback.buildwithcraft.com/forums/285221-feature-requests/suggestions/8459443-add-option-to-enable-fuzzy-search-as-default

Update: As of Craft 2.5, you can enable fuzzy searching by default.


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