Trying to do something quite basic but can't seem to get it right..

I'm searching through a form, and want to select entries where the value 'pax' is equal or more than the searched value.

{% set params = {
section:    'ships',
limit:      null
} %}

{# pax #}
{% if craft.request.getParam('pax') %}
  {% set pers = craft.request.getParam('pax') %}
  {% set params = params|merge({'pax' : '>= pers'}) %}
{% endif %}

Now, this doesn't seem to work. However, if I'd change the last line to:

  {% set params = params|merge({'pax' : '>= 30'}) %}

It gives me excellent results. So, what am I doing wrong here?

Much appreciated!!


You are currently passing a string '>= pers' to the array. Change this to:

'>= ' ~ pers

This "concatenates" the string '>= ' and the value of your pers variable (converted to a string).

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  • Awesome! I had tried '>=' pers without the ~, so no succes. This works great, thanks! – Niels Oct 8 '15 at 13:24

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