Before I go into detail and share my error logs and plugin details, I'll ask the simple question first:

When testing my 404 page, no plugin functionality works. Is this intentional?

Just for testing purposes, I tried to include the index template file in my 404 template:

{% include 'index' %}

This pulls in the homepage fine, but still causes an error:

Variable "pluginName" does not exist in "404"...

The following returns 'yes' when legitmately on the homepage, and 'no' when on a 404 page, which uses the include I just mentioned.

{{ pluginName is defined ? 'yes' : 'no'}}

Any insight would be great.


  • There should not be any difference and your plugin / plugin variables should work on 404 just like on any other template. Does Twig / Craft work at all?
    – carlcs
    Commented Oct 6, 2015 at 7:06
  • That's the weird thing. Craft/Twig functions work perfectly. {{ craft.request.getLastSegment() }} for example is fine. I'm going to give my plugin the once-over to see if there are any obvious issues. Commented Oct 6, 2015 at 8:21

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Ok, this is what I get for trying to be clever (lazy)...

I've always begrudged typing in 'craft.myPlugin...' every time I wanted refer to my plugin, so I set a Route Variable in my plugin like so:

      'myPlugin' => craft()->myPlugin, 

It would appear none of my route variables work in the 404 template. That in itself is a bit odd, so to accomodate my laziness I've added this to the top of my 404 code:

{% set myPlugin = craft.myPlugin %}

It would be interesting to know if this choice has any detrimental effects? (besides being looked down upon by my peers)


If you want to make a new variable available globally, you should do it by registering a new Twig extension, using the addTwigExtension hook. You can use the Twig extension’s getGlobals() method to create whatever new global variables you want.

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