I would like to check periodically (every 5 seconds for example) whether there are new entries in a channel. If yes, I would like to present a refresh button on the website (with the number of the new entries).

So, I probably need a javascript which executes every 5 seconds a database query for the id of the latest entry and compares that to the last entry shown on the current page.

But I guess that javascript is not able to execute a database query, so I probably need a plugin for this.

Are my assumptions more or less correct? Where could I find a paid developper for such a plugin?

Thank you very much for your support.

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This is actually a pretty simple task.

  1. Create a template that your JS will reach out to returning the total number of entries. First create a template folder called "ajax" with an index.html file inside. Within that file put (replacing blogs with the name of your channel):

{{ craft.entries.section("blogs") | length }}

  1. Inside your javascript, add this:

        var numberOfEntries = false;
          url: '/ajax',
          type: 'GET',
        .success(function(data) {
          updatedNumberOfEntries = Number(data);
          if(updatedNumberOfEntries != numberOfEntries){
            // something was updated -- do whatever you want
            numberOfEntries = updatedNumberOfEntries;
        }, 5000);

You'll obviously need to make some revision to suit whatever you're trying to do but essentially just dump out the number of articles in a template, and use jquery's ajax method to get that value and see if it has changed.


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