I'm outputting prices in a channel with a little formatting like so:

£{{ entry.priceFrom|number_format(2,'.',',') }}

Gives me £1,000.00 or £99.99 etc... However client isn't a fan of the double zeros (e.g. £100.00) and would prefer such prices to show up as £100 – only showing decimal numbers if they're not "00".

I was working on some kind of preprocessing/condition here but it seems long-winded, and wondered if anyone has a neat solution?


Craft comes with a currency filter that makes this pretty easy – you don’t even need the £:

{{ entry.priceFrom|currency('GBP', true) }}

The 'GBP' establishes the currency (so the price is prefixed with £), and passing true to the second argument tells Craft to strip out the cents from the formatted string if there aren’t any (so £100 instead of £100.00).

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  • Wow, great thanks. – Ian Ebden Oct 6 '15 at 9:16

How about something like:

£{{ 1000.00 | number_format(2,'.',',') | replace({".00" : ""}) }}



Got a similar idea from How would I omit zero value decimals in a number format?.

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Just for future reference, Craft 3 is a little different with the currency filter.

{{ entry.price|currency('CAD', stripZeros = true) }}
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  • Would you mind explaining what makes your answer different than Brandons? – Robin Schambach Apr 2 '18 at 12:59
  • @RobinSchambach I tried using this one ('CAD', true) in my new Craft 3 build and was getting an error. So you have to use this ('CAD', stripZeros = true) for it to work in Craft 3 – mateostabio Apr 2 '18 at 22:44

Well I've got this working with:

{% set decimal = entry.priceFrom|reverse|slice(1,2) %}

{% if decimal == "0" %}{{ entry.priceFrom|number_format(0,'.',',') }}{% else %}{{ entry.priceFrom|number_format(2,'.',',') }}{% endif %}

Basically I'm reversing the string so I can check for a zero at the end (or not). It's fairly clean, but if anyone can improve on it I'd love to hear.

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