I'm trying to create a plugin that adds a tab full of fields to entry types but I can't seem to get it working. I tried assembleLayout but that replaced all the fields with my new fields rather than adding a new tab to them.

I'm trying different combinations of FieldLayoutTabModel->setFields() but that throws an error about a fieldId property which leads me to believe I don't quite have the data types right. Any help would be appreciated.

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I eventually figured this out. Here's the code that's working for me:

$newFields = array(
  0 => '12', // $field->fieldId
  1 => '15'  // $field->fieldId

// First we get all sections and loop through them
$allSections = craft()->sections->getAllSections();
foreach ($allSections as $section)
  // Then we get all EntryTypes of each section and loop through those
  $sectionEntryTypes = $section->getEntryTypes();
  foreach ($sectionEntryTypes as $entryType) 
    // Grab the current layout and tabs
    $currentLayout = $entryType->getFieldLayout();
    $currentTabs = $currentLayout->getTabs();

    // This will the array passed to assembleLayout
    $postedFieldLayout = array();

    // Loop through each tab and build our array
    foreach ($currentTabs as $tab) {
      $fields = $tab->getFields();
      foreach ($fields as $field) {
        $postedFieldLayout[$tab->name][] = $field->fieldId;

    // Append the new fields we want to show to that array
    $postedFieldLayout['newFields'] = $this->newFields;
    $requiredFields = array();

    // Assemble the layout
    $fieldLayout = craft()->fields->assembleLayout($postedFieldLayout, $requiredFields);
    $fieldLayout->type = ElementType::Entry;

    // Save it
    if (craft()->sections->saveEntryType($entryType))
      Craft::log('Successfully appended fields.');
      Craft::log('Could not append the fields.', LogLevel::Warning);

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