I am troubleshooting a client website and I have installed new relic on VPS.

Summary: RESP. TIME = 12,300ms
USER CPU BURN = 7,000ms (56.9%)
SYSTEM CPU BURN = 115ms (0.935%)

Slowest components Count Duration % YiiBase::autoload 116 2,570 ms 21% Craft\ElementsService::buildElementsQuery 175 1,960 ms 16% Craft\ElementsService::findElements 175 1,690 ms 14% Craft\BaseElementModel::setContent 153 1,300 ms 11% __TwigTemplate_8a189a6b8bb1cda953a4a38f8aa3c4ccaccd30c1b5a2b790673a05284bb0de6b::block_menu 1 519 ms 4% Composer\Autoload\includeFile 19 432 ms 4% Remainder 1 3,840 ms 31% Total 12,300 ms 100%

enter image description here I have attached a trace.enter image description here

It looks like a lot of time is spent on autoload. Any ideas what will cause this? Or what should I be looking at to fix this issue?


I don't know where the first set of data you posted is coming from, but in the attached stack trace autoloading is only .54% of the total request.

Whatever template(s) you're rendering account for 65% of the request (for a total of 8 seconds), so I'd start inspecting there.

Loading all of the plugins you have installed is about 10% (which accounts for about 1.3 seconds of the request), so I'd investigate those as well.

  • The information about 21% being Yii autoload comes from APM Summary. I have edited the question added image Sep 22 '15 at 4:40
  • Those are summary stats across all of your requests. Focus on the stack trace which is for the one slow-running 12 second request.
    – Brad Bell
    Sep 22 '15 at 4:47

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