I have a string from a multi-line plain text field and I'd like to trim any trailing spaces before new lines.

With plain regex I would use this expression: /\s*$/gm


{{ string|replace('/\\s*$/', '') }}

will trim out the last trailing space of the string (same as the trim filter would), but not before every new line.

I have tried

{{ string|replace('/\\s*$/gm', '') }}


{{ string|replace('/\\s*$/m', '') }}

but that doesn't have any effect.

How can I apply the m modifier to the replace filter?

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Currently it’s not possible to pass regex modifiers to the |replace filter. You’d have to just do this manually:

{% set str = "foo     \nbar    " %}
{% set trimmed = "" %}

{% for line in str|split("\n") %}
    {% set trimmed = trimmed ~ (trimmed ? "\n") ~ line|replace('/\\s*$/', '') %}
{% endfor %}


As of Craft 2.5, the |replace filter supports regex modifiers.


Just needed something similar today, and patched in a new replace filter to the RetconHTML plugin. The filter – called retconReplace – uses preg_replace and might be able to help you out:

{{ string|retconReplace('/\s*$/m') }}

You'll find the wiki on retconReplace here.

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    That’s awesome, thanks Mats. And your plugin has come in very handy on another site I've been working on :)
    – Katrin
    Oct 16, 2015 at 15:25

Would the spaceless filter work wrapped in div?

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    If you run the field value through |spaceless (with or without a div), it will only remove the whitespace at the outer edges of the text; not all of the trailing whitespace on each line of the text. Sep 24, 2015 at 14:45

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