I'm setting up a route in control panel. I'd like to use a token that is similar to asterisk but involves forward slashes. Here's an example:

I want to route everything from site.com/blog/* to a single template. If I route site.com/blog/some-uri-identifier , it works fine and I'm able to get "some-uri-identifier" in my template (using slug option). I need to route site.com/blog/some/uri/identifier-long-name and still go to the same template + get "/some/uri/identifier-long-name" in it.


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The CP route settings don’t have a token for matching multiple URI segments. However you can pull it off from craft/config/routes.php instead:

return array(
    'blog/(.+)' => 'path/to/template',

You’ll be able to access whatever was captured by (.*) from your templates via matches[1].


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