Can someone please help or advise me (I'm just starting to learn about Craft and setting up local servers. Sorry if this is a silly question).

I set up Craft Pro locally using MAMP. It worked yesterday just fine, but this morning I'm not able to access the admin side unless I go to "localhost:80", (localhost:8888 worked yesterday, but doesn't today. Is says it can't connect).

And even then, it's asking me to upgrade my license: "You’re running Craft Pro with a Craft Personal license, downgrade/upgrade." I thought that as long as you were running things locally it's ok to continue with the pro test version? Does the test environment have an expiry?

Thank you.

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Are you using MAMP or MAMP Pro? If it was running on a different port yesterday (8888), then it sounds like you might have multiple installations. Try going over the additional resources posts here to verify your installation.

"You’re running Craft Pro with a Craft Personal license, downgrade/upgrade."

Try clearing your craft/storage/runtime/cache folder.

  • I'm not sure what happened but it's working fine now (no message telling me to upgrade). I was trying out both MAMP and MAMP Pro, but right after I managed to get MAMP (regular) working, I stopped servers on MAMP Pro and shut it down, so I didn't make any changes after it started working. I hope it goes smoothly, but if it doesn't I'll try clearing the cache folder. Thank you! Commented Sep 4, 2015 at 20:17

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